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Moroccan Palace

Currently under construction, this project in Morocco embodies the essence of opulence fused with tradition, crafting a captivating narrative of cultural richness and modern luxury. The space unfolds as a sanctuary of elegance, where every corner is adorned with intricate details inspired by Moroccan craftsmanship.  From ornate tile mosaics and intricately carved woodwork to handwoven textiles and filigree metalwork, each element speaks to the mastery of artisans and the timeless allure of Moroccan design.

At the heart of the design concept lies a admiration for tradition, with every element carefully selected to honour Morocco’s cultural heritage. Despite its nod to tradition, the design remains rooted in modern sensibilities, seamlessly integrating modern amenities and comforts throughout. State-of-the-art technology discreetly coexists with traditional craftsmanship, ensuring a harmonious blend of the past and the present.

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