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Weston Innovation Centre

Weston Homes and OS Designs & Partners joined forces to create this state of the art office space that was launched in September 2020; Weston Innovation Centre. The studio's role was not only the interior design but the full architectural design and all the relevant details which include staircases, numerous lifts, car parks and gym.  OS Designs and Partners were also responsible for creating more than one thousand work spaces, each being an ergonomically-designed, comfortable work station. The studio specified everything to the smallest detail from floor materials to lighting fixtures and lift interiors to the gym equipment. It was the studio's vision to create a fluid and organic design throughout the building that accommodates plenty of natural light, modern gym facilities, indoor landscaping, and communal spaces.

Weston Innovation Ctre-4369.jpg

Oz Sevinc and Bob Weston at the launch event of Weston Innovation Centre, September 2020.

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